VVDI MB Tool Power adapter

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VVDI MB Tool Power adapter

Post by Admin on 2017-05-01, 8:39 pm

Feature of VVDI MB Tool Power adapter:
1.VVDI MB Tool power adapter only nee 18 minutes to data acquisition for W204, W207 all key lost; without this adapter will cost 150 minutes for data acquisition, save much time nearly 2 hours

2. VVDI MB Tool power adapter for W216,W164 2009- all key lost data acquisition, no need to replug IR adapter many times, without this adapter need to replug IR adapter 500 times

3. VVDI MB Tool power adapter support gateway emulation function, without real gateway you can use this adapter directly OBD cumminication with W164,164 2009-,W209,W211 (require special connection cables)

4. VVDI MB Tool power adpater will keep updating more features.


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